Review: The Leopard Stratagem by T.A. Uner

The Leopard Stratagem by T.A. Uner
(Leopard King Saga #2)

Camus Scorpio, the vicious criminal overlord, who for
years tormented the good merchants of Rome, is dead.
His ruthless army of thugs and bloodthirsty killers wiped out by the avenging force of Tullus the Leopard King, the Leopardess Celestra, and their Troupe.

But the victory is a costly one. Anna, Tullus’ lover, is dead, and her departure serves as an open wound to all her friends in the Troupe. Needing time to collect himself and continue developing his magical abilities, Tullus decides to seek out the wisdom of a reclusive wizard named Hradack, also known as the Leopard Master and a product of the Age of Paladins.

In Rome Eliana becomes involved in political intrigue and finds herself caught up in a conspiracy involving a persecuted race called the Dryads.

Decimus, now a prominent Centurion in the Praetorian Guard, is assigned to a new Roman Legion in Switzerland, where he faces the biggest challenge of his military career.

As Tullus’ power in Elemence grows, he foresees a hideous plot by an unknown enemy called Serpentus, who has kidnapped his Troupe friends and is holding them hostage on the island of Capri.

Unbeknownst to Tullus, Serpentus seeks revenge against the Leopard King and Celestra, and has armed himself with arcane powers. Under the tutelage of a fanatical cleric, Serpentus harbors plans of destroying the Leopard King and Celestra before embarking on a destructive path of conquest.
   The Leopard Stratagem is another brilliant book by T.A. Uner. I was instantly drawn into this world again. There is the perfect blend of new elements while still recognizing the first book to make this second book a delightful follow-up to The Leopard Vanguard.

  There are so many layers to The Leopard Stratagem. The more you read of this book, the more you get involved in the tangled web that T.A. Uner has weaved. Pacing is perfect and keeps you absorbed in the story as it unfolds.

  Villains are abound in this book leaving the reader with plenty of conflicts to witness. T.A. Uner does the fantasy genre justice with the rich details and thoughts paid attention to these scenes. With the inclusion of new characters, the cast builds its ranks. But it isn't done in a way that screams info dump. Everything moves very fluidly and organically.

  T.A. Uner never disappoints and he hammers this point home with The Leopard Stratagem. It's the perfect read if you love getting lost in a fantasy world that's so well planned out. I cannot wait for the next book in this series. You won't be disappointed if you pick up any of T.A. Uner's work! 

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.


  1. I have been in such a slump, I totally need to get this one on my list for some "rainbows and happiness"
    Love it!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings


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