Review: Family Secrets (Davenport Manor #1) by Melissa Zaroski

Family Secrets (Davenport Manor #1) by Melissa Zaroski

Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
The series takes place in the fictional small town of
Davenport, IL on the sprawling property of the
founding family’s 200-year old Manor. Emma Davenport is over 200 years old and has remained with her family through the generations, who have accepted her for what she is. Her sixth-great nephew, Daniel Davenport, lives with her on the property as her “younger brother”, who she gained guardianship of when his parents and sister were tragically killed. He is a young Hollywood actor that is the star of a blockbuster movie franchise.

When the current installment of the movie franchise is filmed on the Davenport property, Emma is completely taken by a human actor that she has adored from afar for years, Todd Foster. Their relationship blossoms, but not without turmoil; mostly stemming from her immortal offspring and partner-in-crime, Zachariah Dancy and her maker, the ancient Scottish/Irish vampire, Aidan O’Shea. The ghosts (literally) of Emma’s past begin to harass Todd, wanting to her to fess up for her wrong-doings.

Emma learns that there’s a reason for her immense attraction to Todd, one that surprises the both of them. With this revelation, Todd’s life is forever changed and will always be in danger, as will Emma’s if she keeps him around. Todd learns that there is more to Emma than just being an average vampire and wonders what kind of future he will face now that she has become a part of his life.
  To sum this up, when's the next book in this series going to be released?!

  Family Secrets is the first book in the Davenport Manor series. It lays the groundwork for an amazing story revolving around the historical Davenport Manor and its residents and guests. This book is full of the supernatural, mystery, romance, and plenty of comedic relief.

  I feel fortunate to have won this book from a First Reads giveaway after reading it and thoroughly enjoying it. The characters are engaging. I much enjoyed learning about each of their backgrounds, especially the vampires. Vivienne had to be my favorite. I have a soft spot for the '20s, so I definitely loved hearing about her human life. Emma is certainly a strong female lead. The twist at the ending shows that Emma is not one of the Mary-Sue characters that dominate this genre. She has her own struggles and faces them as best she can. It's very easy to root for her. I'm most intrigued by Todd, though. The author knows how to build her characters and give them their own voice.

  I'm still shocked to find out that this is Melissa Zaroski's debut novel. The similarity to theSouthern Vampire Mysteries is definitely prevalent. The potential is undeniably here. The storytelling and flow of this novel are on point. Everything about the book blends together perfectly.

  Do yourself a favor. Get a copy of this book. But be prepared to give up an evening or two while you devour it. 

**I was gifted this book for free in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to the author and/or publisher.

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