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  I'd like to welcome Chelsie Shock to Pretty Little Indies! Keep scrolling for my review of her thrilling SciFi nove, Rogue!

Rogue by Chelsie Shock
(The Novi Orders #1)

Genre: SciFi

In the future the New World has suffered bombings,
world wars, the tectonic plates have shifted, the
population has seen sicknesses, radiation spills, genetically modified animals and humans, and the population has dwindled into two classes: The elites and everyone else. The Novi Orders have been enacted by the capital city and control everyone completely, except those who have hidden or rebelled, the rogues. Will is one of the survivors who has lived the quiet life of a sailor and fisherman living on what was once the Washington state coastline. When he meets an old man who used to work as a scientist for the elites, they sail to places he never imagined he’d see… the islands where the elite’s live. He meets a beautiful woman who is part of the high society by marriage, and he is thrust into plans for an uprising, a revolution, murder, war, oppression, survival and entangled in a forbidden love he can’t fully comprehend.
  The action packed into the pages of Rogue puts you on the edge of your seat! I was swept away by the dystopian style setting and action surrounding it. Chelsie Shock does not skimp on details and a solid back story which makes this a very immersive and enjoyable read.

  At times, I felt the pace of the story drag. But overall, the dynamic of the world and how the characters related to each other spurred my interest and pushed me on. There is even a sprinkling of romance in there for those of you who love to swoon!

  The premise of Rogue was definitely interesting. It wasn't too far fetched, and those books are the ones that terrify me! If I walk away from a book realizing that it could actually happen, you better believe I'll lose sleep over it. To me, that shows just how amazing the author is and Chelsie Shock and Rogue definitely fall into that category!

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.

Chelsie writes mostly science fiction, and also has a certification in Holistic Nutrition. She can be found reading anything by Ray Bradbury, cooking or traveling. She currently lives in Florida with her husband and needy dog.

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