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Title: Afternoon Delights, Anthology

Authors : Elise Marion, Karen Swart, Emily Fogle, Elizabeth Marx, Elizabeth Kirke, LP Dover, Kimberly Larson, Jenna Pizzi, Morgan Black.

Genre: Romance (from Contemporary Romance to Erotica)
Audience: Adult
Formats: E-book
Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
Cover By: Sprinkles On Top Studios
Editor: Melissa Ringsted
Pages: 130 pages
ISBN-13: 978 -1310345180
Date Published: Feb 12, 2014

Afternoon Delights is just the perfect size for a literary nooner! Nine short stories to tease your senses, from sweet and romantic, to hot and heavy. Get a taste of why these authors are well known for their romance.

Guest Post:

A Day in the life of Elizabeth Kirke

  Hello! I’m Elizabeth Kirke and I wrote Dinner Break, the 2nd story in Afternoon Delights. I was asked to write about my usual day. So, here we go!!!

  I roll out of bed around 8 so that I can feed the ducks and the goats. At 9 I settle in for my morning coffee and I catch up on all of the internet things that happened the night before. I write until noon, then I change out of my pajamas and spend a couple of hours doing chores. Then I … oh wait, this is my real life, not my dream life? My mistake.

  Aside from the author thing, I have a pretty normal life. I currently have a day job, which my dream is to quit so that I can write full-time. (And buy the aforementioned ducks and goats). I’m an Admissions Office at a local university by day and an author by night. I say that because it makes me sound like a superhero. The truth is I work during the day and frantically write whenever I have a spare moment!

  On work days I get up at 6:30 and cram my morning coffee and social media into half an hour. Then I take the dog for a walk, which usually lasts about half an hour. In spite of it being seven in the morning, we live right by a lake and I’m a big bird watcher, so I love being down by the lake with my dog in the mornings. My husband usually leaves for work around 7:15, so he’s gone when I get home.

  Unless it’s that awful time of year when the application deadline is approaching and classes are starting, work is usually slow enough that I can squeeze in a couple of hours of writing time during the day.

  My fantastic husband (this part is true, I swear) is an amazing cook and he always has dinner just about finished when I get home from work. After dinner we settle in, him with a tv show and me with my laptop. I get to write for another hour or two and then we go to bed.

  On the weekends, Saturdays are our cleaning/hang out with friends day and Sunday I spend writing. That said, my friends all know I write, so none of them are put out if I have a deadline and bring my tablet with me.

  Yesterday and today were fantastic days! We got slammed with a snowstorm, so I didn’t have to go into work yesterday. I’m (remember my dream day I described?) sitting on the couch with my dog, in sweatpants, still sipping my coffee. After I’m done writing this, I’m going to sit and write until noon! This is the life!

  Not terribly exciting, or all that different from your day, I would imagine. So, I’m going to take this in a different direction than A Day in The Life of an Author and give you:

A Day in the Head of an Author
  Now that you know my daily routine, let me take you inside my head instead. I am plotting and writing in my head all day long. If I woke up with any brilliant ideas, I jot them down while I have my coffee. I talk plot ideas with my dog during our walk and narrate chapters out loud while I drive in to work. As soon as I get spare time at work to write, I usually start writing what I was mentally composing that morning.

  Side note, sometimes I act out things as I ‘write’ them. Once I was drafting out a big, emotional argument on the way in to work. I was in my car literally screaming both sides of the argument and (in addition to a lot of odd looks from other commuters) I arrived at work teary-eyed, hoarse, and with a serious headache, as if I had really been fighting with someone. I played it off and said I was sick. Awkward…

  I keep a notebook with me when I’m not near a computer and I always have a blank Skydrive document pulled up, in case I get ideas.

  When I see pretty sights or neat things, I think about how to incorporate them into a story or how I would describe them. I watch crowds for people that remind me of my characters or traits that I can use. I memorize buildings and sights and use them to make my settings feel more realistic.

  I have a character whose family lives in Michigan. And, while I have zero plans to write any sort of story involving him in an airport, I took a zillion mental notes during a recent stop in the Detroit, just so that If I ever do write it, people who have been there will be like, “Hey! He really is in that airport!”

  So, even though my day probably seems a lot like yours, I’m always a writer in my head. There’s always dialogue or scenes or ideas brewing away.

  I hope you enjoy Dinner Break and all of the other great stories that you’ll find in Afternoon Delights.

Last, but not least, I’m always happy to hear from readers!
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Happy reading!


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