Review: Alliances by S. Usher Evans

Alliances by S. Usher Evans
Razia Series #2

Genre: SciFi

Piracy is a game. Whom do you trust?

Lyssa Peate has found a tenuous balance between her double lives - the planet-discovering scientist and space pirate bounty hunter named Razia. No longer on probation, Razia still struggles to be thought of as more than a chocolate-fetching joke, and Lyssa can’t be truthful to those closest to her. But both lives are turned upside-down when feisty government investigator Lizbeth Carter shows up to capture the same pirate Razia is after.

Lizbeth’s not interested in taking Razia’s thunder; rather, she convinces the caustic bounty hunter to help solve a mystery. Somebody’s hiring pirates to target government ships, and there’s a money trail that doesn’t make any sense. From the desert planet of D-882 to the capital city on S-864, the investigation leads them deeper into a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of the Universal Government - and to one of the most painful chapters in Lyssa’s past.
   I was so excited to dive into this book after reading Double Life and get back into Razia's world! She's the epitome of what I look for in a female lead, and I love reading about her. S. Usher Evans has outdone herself with Alliances. It was the perfect addition to this series!

  The spirit of Razia is what I love! The author has definitely built her up more in this book. Razia shows beautiful character development, and I got even more attached this go around. There's also a budding romance that holds a lot of promise. I cannot wait to see how it pans out. Life is changing fast for Razia, and I love tagging along!

  SciFi fans will flock to this amazing series! If you love strong females, slow burn romances, and in depth world building, look no further than the Razia Series. You simply cannot go wrong with these amazing books!

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.


  1. Oooh, I'd never heard of this series. Did you review Double Life as well? From reading this review, I think I want to check out the series, but more info on the first book in particular would be great!

    1. I did! Here's the link to that review:

  2. Is it weird for me to say thank you? I don't care. THANK YOU! I'm so happy you fell in love with my girl, and the series. Can't wait to share Book 3 in October!


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