Review, Interview, and Giveway: Fractured Dream by K.M. Randall

Fractured Dream by K.M. Randall
(The Dreamer Saga #1)

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Have you ever wondered where fairytales go once they’re created?

It’s been eight years since Story Sparks last had a dream. Now they’re back, tormenting her as nightmares she can’t remember upon waking. The black waters of Lake Sandeen, where her Uncle Peter disappeared decades before, may hold the secret to Story’s hidden memories, or a truth she’d rather not know. On a bright summer afternoon, Story and her two best friends, Elliott and Adam, take a hike to the lake, where they dive into the cool water and never reemerge. What they find is beyond anything they’ve ever imagined could be possible, a world where dangers lurk in the form of Big Bad Wolves, living Nightmares and meddlesome witches and gods.

Now Story must remember who she really is and somehow stop two worlds from ultimate annihilation, all while trying not to be too distracted by the inexplicable pull she feels toward a certain dark-eyed traveler who seems to have secrets of his own. The fates of the worlds are counting on her.
  K.M Randall has crafted something special with Fractured Dream. It's fantasy in the best form. While it is a longer book, I felt like I flew through it. Whenever I finished, I missed the characters and world that I had gotten to know so well. K.M. Randall does an excellent job of painting a vivid world on her pages. The attention to detail was appreciated beyond measure.

  I think what I loved most was that the book was so simple. I know, that sounds crazy with it being fantasy. But I never felt lost in the story. It's written in such an easy way that I was able to lose myself into the story instead of keeping mental notes of all the things I need to know and remember. The main character, Story (I love her name!) is amazing. Lately, I've discovered a lot of books with great characters and Fractured Dream is part of that group. Sure, she has her moments. But I think the authentic feel is what got me with her. She almost reminds me of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

  For me, as a fan of fantasy and fairy tales, Fractured Dream was a flawless adventure. I'm already looking forward to the next book in The Dreamer Saga. If you have a soft spot for fairy tales, you have to check out Fractured Dream.

**I received this for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.

1. Describe Fractured Dream in one word.

2. If you could choose any TV show to promote your book on, which would you choose?
Definitely Once Upon a Time. There are a number of fairy tale retellings in Fractured Dream, and it would be the perfect platform. They’re fairy tales with a twist, just like mine.

3. Which chapter of Fractured Dream was your favorite to write?
My first big battle scene. So much happens and there are new elements revealed and brought to the page. It’s where the reader starts to see just how broken Story really is.

4. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Don’t let self-doubt hold you back. And get online and interact with other authors and readers. Doors will open!

5. Choose one character from Fractured Dream that you get to have dinner with. Who and why?
This is a hard one. I know a lot of my early readers would pick Elliott—he’s probably the most fun. But I think I’d go with Sandeen. She existed almost at the beginning of mankind and is the original siren. I feel like she’d have interesting stories to tell.

6. You can only read one book (that isn't one of yours) for the rest of your life. Which is it?
I honestly cannot answer this question. I tried! I really did. But in the end, I could not choose one book. At first, I thought The Mermaid Summer by Mollie Hunter. It has a lot of personal meaning to me, but it’s also a children’s book. And as much as I have read it over and over, I think I would need something more challenging after a while. Then I thought Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. It’s one of my favorite books and she is one of my favorite authors, and yet, I couldn’t quite commit. A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson is full of laughs and inspired my son’s name, Bryson. But I would miss fiction and fantasy. Tanya Huff’s Child of the Grove is another I wouldn’t want to lose, and at the same time, I don’t want it to be my only book. Then there’s Summer Sisters by Judy Blume and the Time Master Trilogy by Louise Cooper. I’m really hopeless. So I’m just going to hope I’m never faced with this situation in real life. I’d be in trouble then!

7. Chocolate or vanilla?
It used to be chocolate, but lately I usually go with vanilla.

8. Lastly, what's up next for you? Any projects we should be looking out for?
I’m taking a little break from The Dreamer Saga series, and I am writing a book called The Reaper’s Daughter in the interim. It’s about a girl who finds out her mother is the Grim Reaper. There’s a lot of mythology interwoven into it, so it’s been fun to write. I’m hoping to release it before the year is out, and then I will be working hard on getting the next book in The Dreamer Saga trilogy out, titled Shattered World.

Open internationally.
  As a girl, K.M. always wished she'd suddenly come into magical powers or cross over into a Faerie circle. Although that has yet to happen, she instead lives vicariously through the characters she creates in writing fantasy and delving into the paranormal. When K.M. is not busy writing her next novel, she is the editor-in-chief of a blog covering the media industry, as well as an editor with Booktrope Publishing. She has a master's degree in journalism from Syracuse University and a bachelor's degree in English-Lit from Nazareth College of Rochester. K.M. lives in Upstate New York's Finger Lakes region with her husband and her extremely energetic little boy. Fractured Dream is her first novel.


  1. I have a HUGE soft spot for fairy tales. I added this book to my Goodreads list from the moment I saw 'fairy tales' in the first sentence of the blurb, haha.


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