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"Loving her was easier when I thought we were going to die."

Lark Davies sleeps in a gilded palace and eats the finest foods, but he would trade it all to change that one night. Unable to use his talent for mind-reading to prevent a series of murders, Lark's dreams are ravaged by gruesome memories. Robbed of sleep and slowly losing his sanity, the devoted lover and expectant father can only watch as his life continues to spiral out of control.

Whispers of invasion threaten what little peace their new life might have offered. Khea, the new queen of Nakbe -and his only light in the night- declares human sacrifice to be a necessary component of the island culture, forcing Lark to assert his disapproval. For the first time, the unifying bond he shares with her isn't enough to keep them together.

With his mentor at his side, Lark's only hope to stand against the queen and avert a future of death lies in his unexplored ability to manipulate physical elements of the world. The two men search out the spirits that control water, fire, and wind in hopes of ending two thousand years of violent traditions before rival nations invade. 

   Spirits is the perfect follow-up to Sparks in R.S. McCoy's young adult fantasy series. I feel like this second book picked up in an excellent spot to allow the reader to continue following Lark's story. Though, the story in Spirits deviates from the one in Sparks.

  A lot of changes come in this book. Some relationships in this book shift. Everything felt like a natural progression, though. I never once questioned if something was done just to push the plot. The sense of adventure from the characters and story still holds strong.

  Just like Sparks, I really enjoyed Spirits. It had a distinct feeling that tied me to my childhood even though it's a young adult book. It's very reminiscent of the Harry Potter series and others in that respect. Fantasy fans, even those lurking on the fringe of the genre, will be drawn to this captivating series!

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.

RS McCoy didn’t ever plan on being a writer. With a career teaching high school science, writing is the last thing she expected. But life never goes the way you think it will. While battling cancer, she picked up her laptop and let the words flow out. One year later, her first published fantasy novel has been released on Amazon and her second novel is in the works. She is a wife, mother of two, a scientist, baker, gardener, and life-long science fiction and fantasy addict.


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