I'm at Harry Potter World Right Now


I'm at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter right now. This is a dream come true, y'all!

Anything you guys want pictures of? Tell me! I'll try my hardest!

I'm planning on picking up some sort of treat or souvenir for a giveaway whenever I get back. Any suggestions on what I should get?

I'll be taking plenty of pictures and posting them to Instagram and Twitter. Follow me over there!



  1. OMG a Kristen have so much fun!! I'm hoping to get there soon with my husband and son. Ohhh I can't wait to see all the pictures.. Make sure to get a wand (of course) and chocolate frogs or something else awesome. Ahhhh I'm so excited for you !
    ❤️Britt @ Please Feed The Bookworm

  2. Spend all your money on bitterer, Florian Fortenescue ice cream, their handcrafted beers, FIZZING WHIZBEES, and sundry meals. Every tchotchke in the park is really, really marked up BUT the interactive wands are absolutely worth it. Also, ride the train both ways! And every ride. And keep your ears open everywhere- there are so many easter eggs it's ridiculous. :)
    Have a blast!!

  3. Awesome!! Have fun and take pictures!!

  4. I am SO JEALOUS!! I can't even... Make sure you try the butterbeer! They also sell chocolate frogs there (my friend sent me one once)! Have fun!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  5. I'm going sometime in April aww I wish I could have gone earlier, maybe I would have gotten to see you there! Lol have fun and take lots of pictures so I know what I"m expecting to see. Have an awesome time!

    Alex @ THE BOOK'S BUZZ

  6. Yay! I can't wait to hear how much you LOVE it!

    Emily @ Follow the Yellow Book Road

  7. How does it feel knowing probably everyone reading this is insanely jealous?? <3 Bee @ Bee Reads Books

  8. Lucky! I'm so incredibly horribly jealous.

    Have fun! We're living vicariously through you.

  9. I hope you had a lot of fun while you were there! Personally I have only read the first two books in the Harry Potter series and so far I haven't been able to love it :( But I do like the idea of it, and I am glad you were able to go so much seeing as you love the books!


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