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In a world crawling with vampires, Romania is the safest place left on earth. Thanks to the Little Council, there hasn't been a vampire on Romanian ground in over five centuries, until one day when Liana Cantacuzino is ordered to bring one in, covertly.
Enter Maximilien Hess, a thousand-year-old vampire determined to ruin the existing order of things. When all is revealed, Hess's secret changes everything, and a reluctant alliance is formed because the alternative is much worse.

The Impaler Legacy Omnibus, a vampire saga like no other, includes:
The Impaler's Revenge (novella)
Sweet Surrender (short story)
A Victory that Counts (novella)
Casualties of War (short story)
Order Restored (novella)
The Third Wheel (short story)

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  Whenever I first started reading The Impaler Legacy, I could immediately tell that I was in for a vampire epic. From the very beginning, I was swept up into this tale. Ioana Visan has a way with words that wraps you in her story, and you don't want to leave its pages. The attention that was paid to the paranormal parts of the story are very appreciated. It's so well thought out, and that really shows as you're reading it.

  The characters in this series encompass such a broad spectrum. I easily found myself enjoying and appreciating several of them. Liana was my favorite, though. Whenever I finished the last of this series, I had the feeling of missing a best friend.

  There are some very dark scenes in this series, and I think Ioana Visan does a fantastic job at handling them. Her writing is able to craft these bone killing scenes with such clarity. I would love to read more by this author just because of her talent for making the world leap off of the pages and surround you.

  Every vampire fan should consider this a must read series. It breaks the mold and carves out its own unique place with vampire fiction. It isn't for easy readers. This series is very involved. Warning: There is a cliffhanger with absolutely no promise of resolving it.

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to Ioana Visan.

“Miss Cantacuzino, wait…” Captain Nour said and hesitated. “You were wounded.”
It was the first time he’d brought up my injury, and I wished he hadn’t. He had seen the blood on my chest, with a matching stain on my back, and the hole in my shirt. It wasn’t hard to put two and two together, and Captain Nour, as much as we often didn’t see eye to eye, was an intelligent man. And he must have heard people talking about my miraculous recovery.
“I’ll be fine.” I went for the safer answer. I didn’t quite want to discuss Max’s blood involvement in this. The only people who knew about what had happened in this room were obviously Max, Jesse, Radu, Trotuş, and Spânu, and I didn’t want it advertized.
“Still, I fear we put you in too much danger. Maybe … maybe you should take some time off to recover first.”
My eyes narrowed at him. “Are you trying to protect me, or are you saying that I’m not fit for this job?”
“Protect you, yes … like it or not, it’s my job too. But I’ll never say the latter. You were not prepared for an operation of this size, and still none of us could have handled it any better.”
“Then what’s the problem?”
“Well…” Captain Nour ran a hand over the back of his head. It was unsettling to see him so uncomfortable in his own skin. We had known each other for over a decade, and this was a first. “I promised your mother that I would make sure you were fine.”
“Really?” A short burst of laughter left my lips, and I winced as it made my chest hurt. “You’re afraid of my Mom?”
“Mrs. Cantacuzino can be very convincing,” he said, “and I’m afraid she’s right. We’ve been asking too much of you. This is a job for pandurs, not for the Little Council.”
“Maybe you’re right…” I chose my words carefully. There were times when I wished I had never set foot out of Romania, especially at night. I couldn’t let him find that out. “But I’m here. And I’m in charge. You still report to the Little Council, and while we’re here, I am the Little Council,” I reminded him and fought to suppress a victorious smile. “You can’t send me home packing.”
“But your mother—“
“Tell her I’m fine. It’s what I do.” I grinned. Poor Mom, she had no idea what the terror night had turned me into. “And now if you excuse me, I have some bodies to burn.”

About the Author
Award-winning writer Ioana Visan has always dreamed about reaching the stars, but since she can't, she writes about it.
After fighting the apocalypse aftermath in "Human Instincts", she played with shapeshifters in "Blue Moon Café Series: Where Shifters Meet for Drinks", and then she dealt with vampires in "The Impaler Legacy" series, before tackling longer works like a fantasy trilogy and a science fiction series.
Aside from publishing short stories in various Romanian magazines and anthologies, she published a short story collection "Efectul de nautil" and the Romanian edition of "Human Instincts".
She was awarded the Encouragement Award by The European Science Fiction Society at Eurocon 2013.
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