Review: Fragile Line by Brooklyn Skye

Fragile Line
by Brooklyn Skye

Publisher: Entangled Teen 
Release Date: April 21st, 2014
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance, Mental Health, Addiction, Abuse

It can happen in a flash. One minute she’s kissing her boyfriend, the next she’s lost in the woods. Sixteen year
old Ellie Cox is losing time. It started out small…forgetting a drive home or a conversation with a friend. But her blackouts are getting worse, more difficult to disguise as forgetfulness. When Ellie goes missing for three days, waking up in the apartment of a mysterious guy—a guy who is definitely not her boyfriend, her life starts to spiral out of control. 
Perched on the edge of insanity, with horrific memories of her childhood leaking in, Ellie struggles to put together the pieces of what she’s lost—starting with the name haunting her, Gwen. Heartbreakingly beautiful, this poignant story follows one girl’s harrowing journey to finding out who she really is.

Quick Gif Review:

  Usually, I write out my reviews after I've had a minute day or so to think about them. I'm really bad about doing a knee jerk reaction and realizing I was too generous later on. But no. I finished this book two hours ago. Since then I've: made my boyfriend nearly late for work because of the tears, matted the cats fur because I held her sobbing, ate chocolate (I hate chocolate), and stared out the window for longer than acceptable. This book hit me right in the feels. Wow.

   I'm going to do this without spoilers because the revelations in the book are what really tugged at my heart strings and had me flying through the pages. So if my review seems short or off, just go with it and then go buy the book. I promise it's like omgwtfthefeelsyesplease. 

This was me, just drowning in feels.

  This book sucked me in SO fast. Usually I read multiple books at a time because I have a hard time concentrating on just one, but not with this one. I think it's the mark of a crazy good book if it can keep my interest for 20% or 30% before I have to switch books. This one kept it the entire time. Last night, I started reading this. I only meant to read a few chapters to get a feel for it before passing out. Did that happen? Nope. I stayed up until 2am (really strange for a elderly person twenty something like myself). I got to 80% in one night, y'all. That's bonkers. This morning, I voluntarily woke up earlier than normal to finish this book. The story has so many twists and turns. Brooklyn Skye is so good at building the suspense that makes you unable to put the book down. The need to know what's causing Ellie's blackouts and what's happening during them is fierce!

  I'll be honest. Gwen and Griffin were my OTP. Gwen had a lot of shit she had to deal with. She was so raw and real. Both of the guys in this book were definitely romance material and sweet. But don't over-think that both word. There isn't a love triangle; at least not like you're expecting. I can't say much about the characters without giving it away. Just know that the characters and their stories are what made me enjoy this book so much. P.S. Can I claim Dani as one of my fictional BFFs?

  This is a story that feels really real. The characters seem real. The issues seem real. All of this stuff could legitimately happen, so it's bordering on frightening. Brooklyn Skye does an excellent job at keeping the pace and delivering this story perfectly. If you're a fan of contemporary romance and like suspense, you'll love Fragile Line. It's a wonderful blend of fantastic elements.

**I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. My thanks to Entagled Teen and Brooklyn Skye.

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  1. Wow this sounds fantastic I have to check it out! Thanks for sharing it and great review :)


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