Bookish Holiday Gift Guide: Harry Potter

Happy Holidays, y'all!

Today's gift guide is for all of the Potterheads out there! Grab a butterbeer and keep scrolling!

No Potterhead's purse or pocket is complete without some Butterbeer chapstik! Purchase here!

Because let's be honest. We've all been waiting since we turned 12 for our Hogwarts acceptance letter. Purchase here! (This shop has TONS of great HP things!)

I cannot go on with life until I have this Daily Prophet scarf! Purchase here!

And you don't even have to say sherbet lemon to experience it. Purchase here!

I couldn't leave this out. It's my favorite line. Purchase here!

What about you, Potterheads? Did I miss the ultimate Harry Potter gift? Tell me in the comments!

Check back on Friday for the Young Adult gift guide!


  1. I love the note - that's one of my favorite lines too! I'm seriously fangirling at my computer right now. I want them all!!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  2. I love all of those, but if you ever want to get me a Harry Potter thing, get me a ticket to the College of Wizardry:


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