My Favorite Christmas Book

  We're less than two weeks away from Christmas. The excitement in my house is palpable. This time of year is just my thing, you know? As soon as November rolls around, I'm already starting my holiday plans. One of my favorite holiday traditions? Reading Letters from Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien. It's my absolutely favorite Christmas book, and I cannot wait to share it with my future children one day.

  Tolkien did something wonderful for his children. Each year, he would send them letters from Father Christmas. They weren't just your run of the mill letter from Santa, though. These were full of stories and drawings that you'd only expect from the creator of Middle Earth. To see his handwriting and drawings are such a sweet treat. I can't help but cry as I make my way through the book each year.

  Everything about Letters from Father Christmas sums up Christmas for me. The childish wonder, the awe-inspiring love of a parent for their child, the reminder that family and memories shared are the greatest gift; all of it. I wouldn't trade this book and the joy it has given me for the world.

What is your favorite Christmas book? Do you have a holiday reading tradition of your own?


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  1. This book looks so utterly wonderful! What a great Christmas tradition. I'm going out to get my own copy now, thank you :-)


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