Bookish Holiday Gift Guide: Splurge Edition

Happy Holidays, y'all!

Who doesn't want to splurge on their favorite bookish things? Today I'm pretending we've all won the lottery and can have all the things!

Visiting the Middle Earth movie set is my life's dream, y'all. The tour itself isn't too bad; $75. But flying all the way to New Zealand? Time to save up! Check out Hobbiton Tours here! There are tons of tours like this, though! There's a tour of the The Hunger Games set near my house. Last time I checked it was only a couple hundred. If you're ever in Tunisia, don't forget to stop by part of the Star Wars set!

There are only twelve known copies of Tamerlane, Edgar Allan Poe's first work. One recently sold for over $600,000. If I were to wake up and win the lottery one day, I'd gladly hunt down one of the twelve and splurge!

The ultimate way to spoil the bookworm in your life? Build them a library like the one that George Lucas has. I instantly crave coffee and a good book whenever I look at that library!

Got an extra $30,000 laying around? Then you can have your own life size replica of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones! How insane is that?! Purchase here! (If any of you actually buy it, you have to invite me over.)

Who am I kidding... If you really want to know what to get your favorite bookish person, get them books. They'll love you for it. Pinky promise!

Happy holidays, loves! I hope all of you get a million, trillion, zillion books this season!


  1. Ahhh, I think I drooled a little when I saw that library! How awesome would it be to have that?

  2. Books are the best presents but I do want to win the lottery lol! Thanks for sharing these~ If I'm ever in New Zealand, I'm definitely going for the set visit!


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