Bookish Holiday Gift Guide: SciFi & Fantasy Edition

Happy Holidays, y'all!

This one goes all out to all of my SciFi and Fantasy brethren! 

How else are you supposed to blend in, in The Shire? Purchase here!

Combine your love of words and Star Wars with this epic print! Purchase here!

Possibly the best literary mug I've seen! Purchase here!

I just cannot handle this Spock pillow. I need it more than air right now. Purchase here!

Holy crap, y'all! This etsy shop is full of amazingly painted shoes just like this Doctor Who pair! Purchase here!

At this point, I'm going to have to lock away my debit card before I buy everything! Share what you're wanting for Christmas in the comments!

Check back on Wednesday for the romance fan edition!


  1. The world is filled with an abundance of geek-themes goodies....and yet I can never have enough. It's a quandary! ;)
    Thanks for putting the adorable Spock pillow on my radar!

    1. They have a Kirk one, but it's SPOCK! I have to have it.... and 59389862 other cool things I find on Etsy on a daily basis!


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