#IndieFallFest: T.A. Uner

Happy Wednesday, y'all! Today's author is a friend of mine that I'm so glad to feature, T.A. Uner!
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1. Describe The Leopard Stratagem in one word.

2. I’m so excited that you’re breaking into the SciFi world. What inspired Doctor Mars?
Well with all the talk about humans travelling to Mars in 2020, I felt now was the time to branch out into a new series.

3. Which book do you wish you would have written?
I wish I had written a book that sold a lot so I could move out of my basement apartment room.

4. If you could recommend on book to the entire world, which book would you choose?
War & Peace.

5. It’s a zombie apocalypse! You can only take three things with you to survive on the run; what do you take?
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

6. Coffee or tea?

7. What’s up next for you? Any new releases?
I’m working on a new YA series called “American Legends”, and I hope to have the first book of the trilogy out in 2015.

The Pursuit of Perfection
by T.A. Uner
It’s been some time since I wrote a blog post aimed at helping writers worldwide, so I've written this post on editing, and how it affects writers.

I would say that for writers, especially indies, editing is the most critical aspect of writing. Why? Because poor editing, or no editing, is the sign of an amateur.

When I first got started as an indie writer over a year ago, it amazed me how difficult editing was. It can be a frustrating process, and have diminishing returns on every pass. That’s why having the right mindset during the editing stage is important.

First, realize that it is impossible to correct all the grammar, punctuation and typos on your own. That is why a good editor is critical. I know that an editor can be pricey, but, in this day and age of independent writing, there are plenty of affordable editors out there.

Next, you must realize that typos will be your biggest enemy. There really is no way around them. I hate to be negative but this is the truth. A good editor can weed out most of them, but some may still be lurking in your manuscript.

I believe that in order to be an excellent writer, you must be vigilant with typos. The best practice in the war against these fiends is to re-read your manuscript every few months, even after publication. I’ve spent lots of money on editing and re-editing, and it’s worth every penny. The last thing you want are negative reviews from your readers because of typos.

Will your manuscript ever be perfect? Never. Even traditionally published books have typos. But you can strive for excellence. This should be the goal of every writer, whether you’re a traditionally published bestseller, or an independent writer embarking on their first literary project.

T.A. Uner is a former Management Professional who spent over 15 years working for various fortune 50 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. He is also a graduate of George Mason University, and holds a Bachelors degree in Speech Communication and History.

A finalist in The 2010 Moonlight Mesa short fiction contest, his first short story, “The Banker’s Wife,” was published internationally in an anthology titled, Award Winning Tales. Mr. Uner lives in Virginia. He is the author of the Leopard King Saga and other works.

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