Review & Giveaway: My Summer Roommate by Bridie Hall

My Summer Roommate by Bridie Hall

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance

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Chloe needs a place to crash for the summer before
college. When Chris offers, she moves in with him. It’s
just for two months, no biggie. But soon she realizes she may have made a mistake. He is too perfect; a former snowboarder, laid-back and kind to boot, and he’s smitten with her. But she’s got trust issues and a relationship feels daunting. When he keeps trying to win her over, the temptation becomes overwhelming.

Just as she gives in and decides it’s not worth fighting their feelings anymore, Chris reveals he’s made a stupid mistake which might ruin Chloe’s trust in him and tear them apart.
"I can avoid her, but there's nothing I can do to stop feeling like this."

The romance.
You guys, Bridie Hall knows YA contemporary romance. She absolutely nailed it on the head with the relationship in this book. It was a slow burning back and forth that had me on the edge of my seat. No insta-love. Rejoice, ya'll. We have a new author to count on for swoon-worthy Young Adult contemporary romance!

Yes, yes, YES. I loved Chris. He wasn't the usual reformed douche bag that we see in YA. He was genuine guy. I want more of him and his type. I loved his back story. He had a lot of depth and that only made it a much more enjoyable book. I didn't feel like he was in the book just to be a hottie to drool over. He was real.

The other characters.
I've yet to read Letting Go by Bridie Hall, but I'm so happy that she included the characters from that book in this one. I love when authors do that. And after reading about Isabelle and seeing her through the eyes of Chloe and Chris, I'm definitely picking up Letting Go to read her story.

The perfect comedic relief! I loved all of his scenes with Chris. Bridie was able to inject a dose of wit into the book with this fantastic character.


Alright, I kind of feel bad for this. But Chloe could be annoying. I felt like she was a strong character. Whenever I afforded her patience, she definitely grew on me though. Her background gave her no real sense of stability, so I can understand her mood swings. But she was hard to adjust to in the beginning.

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.

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  1. It most definitely depends on the book, but I love them all!

    1. I agree, Maria! Different books require different boys. :)


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