Blitz: Chasing Prophecy by James Moser

Chasing Prophecy by James Moser

Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Thriller

Chasing Prophecy” is the story of Mo, a teen boy just trying to survive high school in the mountain town of Boulder Creek, Washington. Boulder Creek is an isolated and mysterious place, proud of its reputation as the “Bigfoot Sighting Capital of the World”. Mo falls in love with a girl named Prophecy who lives with a group that some call a commune and others call a cult. When she disappears, Mo must find the courage to face the monster that her family has become. “Chasing Prophecy” is a heartwarming contemporary coming of age story. This book chronicles the adolescence of one boy who must transform himself to save the girl of his dreams.

You can read my review of Chasing Prophecy and interview with James Moser here!

When he's not dazzling Goodreads members with his wit and charm, the author is typically reading, writing, or watching way too much TV while snacking on chocolate treats from Trader Joe's (and who can blame him--those things are GOOD, yo!).

The author wanted to write about teenagers transforming themselves to survive. The result is "Chasing Prophecy," a story about love, loss, redemption, and monsters. Boo Radley is the author's all-time favorite book character, which is how the Seattle-area legend of Bigfoot entered this story.

Moser holds a B.A. in bookish matters and a Master's in the same. He lives in Seattle with his wife and eight year old son.

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  1. This author is incredibly good looking. I mean, I'm trying to read the synopsis, but I can't concentrate, because he's just so handsome and charming.
    Thanks for having me around, this week, Kristen! I enjoy working with you.
    James Moser

    1. You know I'll always be down to help with anything Team Chasing Prophecy! :)

  2. This sounds really interesting! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings


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