What's To Love About Insta-Love?

  Seriously though, haven't we all ranted (or seen a rant) about insta-love in a book lately? As a fan of Young Adult, I'm honestly getting tired of this recurring theme. As I start to explore the New Adult genre, I'm finding it just as problematic there, too. Romance is part of the story, sure. But that doesn't mean that it has take off in two seconds. No matter how much you fall for someone when you first meet them, you just won't have that connection to them until after you've spent time with them.

Now that you ask, Ryan...

  Whenever I start getting into a book and see insta-love happening, I cringe. It's like there's instantly a red flag that goes up with the book. Obviously certain themes are recycled throughout books. It happens. But with insta-love, I've yet to see a way to make it unique and plausible. It seems so lazy on the author's part. Instead of making your characters instantly madly in love after two seconds, make them develop a crush quickly. But show how their relationship grows and changes. You're missing out on 99% of the love story (and character development) by skipping that integral part.

  My biggest fault with insta-love? It's boring. It gives an easy way out for the author to gloss over an element that is usually a big part of the story. I feel like it robs the reader of experiencing the relationship unfold. Because the characters have just met, it's based on looks alone. That's troubling on its own. But I like whenever I read a romance that has to deal with the conflicting parts of two personalities coming together. No matter what you read, no two personalities will be perfectly matched. It's beyond boring and tedious to have to read about a couple that is just perfect for each other and know it from the very moment they meet. Gag.

Because you sat through my rant and I love ya for it, have some more Gosling.

What do you think? Does insta-love do it for you?


  1. Completely and totally agree. And it bugs me so much!

  2. Heck I don't anyone that insta-love does it for. Luckily I only encounter this in young adult books and that is only half of what I read.

    I can't even think of one adult fantasy or science fiction book where I have seen it happen. I wonder perhaps if they are doing the instant love to cater to the young teen readers who want things to happen quickly. Maybe they are thinking that they would get impatient otherwise? I just don't know but I think it's doing the readers a disservice.

  3. So agree! I hate insta-love and saing the L word in two seconds. Ironically I just realized that The Geography of You and Me is kinda insta love and I actually enjoyed it. Guess it has to be so well done that it is sneaky!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  4. Agree with everything you just ranted :) Insta-love is lazy and boring and unfortunately it's everywhere lately.


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