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Autumn Dorey had no problem leaving her hometown of Newpine and the
friends there who’d betrayed her. Everyone thought they knew what
happened the spring night Autumn’s world fell apart. Vicious rumors about the incident circulated, and she had to be homeschooled the last year of high school to escape her tormentors. All she wants now is to get away from it all and start over at Cook University. She leaves everything but the memory behind—something she swore she’d never forget—and sets off to rebuild what was broken.

Blake Preston is precisely the type of guy Autumn wants to avoid. He’s gorgeous, arrogant and the college’s beloved football star. As much as she believes he’s someone she should steer clear of, avoiding him proves to be impossible. He shows up everywhere around campus, offering her a no-strings attached friendship.

Autumn can’t deny Blake stirs up emotions she thought fled years ago. But things he’s been hiding begin to emerge and collide with her past, leaving her heart ravaged in their wake.
The Good:
  • Autumn was a character that I connected to.
  • Insta-lust, but no insta-love!
  • Good writing that didn't drag.
The Bad:
  • Predictable plot.
The Gif:

  While Falling for Autumn was definitely an enjoyable read, I felt like I had read this story before. It was very well written. I never felt like the story dragged or sped by too fast. But like I said, this story is similar to a lot of other New Adult books. If you haven't read many, this won't be an issue. But after awhile, you get bored with the repetition.

  My shields were completely up whenever Autumn first met Blake. I was so afraid that this was going to turn into another rage-fest, potentially abusive male that is given a pass because he's hot. Thankfully, it didn't go that route. Blake had his faults, sure. But I actually found myself cheering for him and Autumn. The reveal at the ending totally made me panic, though. Even though I knew something like that was coming, I was still for sure that, that had ruined any chance they had.

  I feel like the writing is definitely what made this book more enjoyable than the others like it. Heather Topham Wood is an engaging writer, and she easily made the story believable. It kept me on edge at times because I just knew something bad was going to happen. All in all, I really enjoyed this book.

  Fans of New Adult will enjoy Falling for Autumn. If you haven't read a lot of New Adult, you will enjoy it even more. And even if you have, you will enjoy it purely for how well written it is.

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to Book Enthusiast Promotions and Heather Topham Wood.

Meet the Author
author profile
Heather Topham Wood’s obsession with novels began in childhood while growing up in a shore town in New Jersey. Writing since her teens, she recently returned to penning novels after a successful career as a freelance writer. She’s the author of the paranormal romance Second Sight series and the New Adult standalone novels The Disappearing Girl and Falling for Autumn.
Heather graduated from the College of New Jersey in 2005 and holds a bachelor's degree in English. Her freelance work has appeared in publications such as USA Today, Livestrong.com, Outlook by the Bay and Step in Style magazine. She resides in Trenton, New Jersey with her husband and two sons. Besides writing, Heather is a pop culture fanatic and has an obsession with supernatural novels and TV shows.

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  2. Sounds like a good one, insta lust is so much better than insta love!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings


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