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Secrets by Dawn Kirby
(Serenity Series #1)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Leah has locked away secrets her entire life;
secrets from her friends, secrets from her mother.
To Leah they were simply quirks. Little things she couldn't explain...phenomenal senses, light sensitivity, the ability to read people using their unique scents.
The darkest secret of all was hidden inside Leah. A secret her mother, Mia was determined to keep silent. Trusting an old friend with her daughter's safety, Mia kept Leah's secret well-guarded. A vow made long ago never to let the monster that took Leah's father step foot in their daughter's life again.

In a fit of revenge fueled by years of jealousy, Mia's secret is revealed, throwing Leah's life into a free fall. A trail of blood and bodies soon follow Leah wherever she goes.
Leah is suddenly thrust into a world she never knew existed; A world as fascinating as it is deadly. Beings foreign to her step in to protect her. As Raine takes his place beside her, he is forced to face a few secrets of his own.

Will they uncover the secrets that bind them? Will they succumb to the devil himself?
The Good:
  • Promising start to the series
  • Very likable and well written protagonist.
The Bad:
  • Repetitive.
The Gif:
  As soon as I started this book, I was immediately drawn into the world of Leah. The mystery begins on the very first page. It was easy to bond with the main character, and I feel like Dawn Kirby did such a fantastic job at writing her. To me, this was a very character driven story. It made me love it even more. Raine and Leah were an interesting pair. They share a lot on different levels, and I think that's what makes their romance so believable. Though, it was a bit reminiscent of Twilight.

  My one fault with the story is that it was so long. Parts of it seemed to drag by while others seemed too rushed and glossed over. One issue I had with the length was that certain passages felt repetitive. I found myself just glimpsing over those parts in an effort to wade through the story and follow the twists and turns.

  Secrets was an enjoyable read. It blended a lot of what I enjoy, and I found myself savoring it as I raced through the book. Dawn Kirby uses the twists of her story to spin a web that you have no regrets about getting trapped in. I'm already curious to see where this story goes.

  Paranormal romance fans will easily get lost in the pages of Secrets. Even with the minor problems that I had, I would encourage others to read this engaging story.  

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to RBTL and Dawn Kirby.

Dawn Kirby lives in Odessa, Texas, with her husband, and three children. When she is not busy being a mom, Dawn draws her inspiration from the night to create memorable characters in wonderful worlds. Secrets is her first novel in the Serenity Series. Her short stories have been published in several 7DS Anthologies and 13 Tales of the Paranormal.

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