Review: Shadow Fire by Kimber Leigh Wheaton

Shadow Fire by Kimber Leigh Wheaton
(The Light Chronicles #1)

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Ashlyn – a free-spirited teenager whose peaceful
life is shattered when the village elders honor her
with a perilous quest to recover a stolen relic.

Zane – a jaded mercenary, torn by his undeniable desire for Ashlyn and the dark secret that could make her hate him forever.

Delistaire – a malevolent sorcerer driven by an insatiable lust for power.
All three are bound together by an ancient relic supposedly infused with the power of a Goddess.

Shadow Fire - adventure, passion, secrets, and betrayal

As Ashlyn and Zane race to stay one step ahead of the evil lurking in the shadows, their passions are ignited and their bond strengthens. But will they find the relic before Delistaire? Or has their entire quest been orchestrated from the very beginning by a madman in pursuit of ultimate power?

The Good
  • Intriguing story.
  • Good pace after the beginning hurdle was over.
The Bad
  • Too romance heavy.
  • Modern language in historic setting was distracting.
The Gif
  I've found myself struggling with how to rate Shadow Fire. It's surprisingly difficult. I enjoyed most of what I read, but I feel like I think about the technicalities a lot more whenever I'm considering the rating. There were certain things that didn't add up to me. The language, mannerisms, and euphemisms did not match the time period at all, and I got distracted by it more than once. But with all of that aside, I really did get sucked into the story. Besides the drag around the beginning, I found myself really drawn in and racing through.

  Ashlyn was touch and go for me. At times, I thought she was the little badass that I had hoped for. But at other times, she would wane and I would begin to doubt her resolve. In the end, I did enjoy her. The romance between her and Zane was very in your face. If PDA makes you uncomfortable, you will be squeamish while reading Shadow Fire.

  Kimber Leigh Wheaton does an excellent job at painting a vivid description of her world. Aside from my faults with the technicalities, I found myself wondering what would happen next while reading Shadow Fire. This novel is a very good addition to the YA genre. Even though the romance and kissing are very present, I found that the romance still stayed at PG-13 appropriate levels. Shadow Fire can be enjoyed by a large range of readers who have a soft spot for fantasy. 

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to Kimber Leigh Wheaton.

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