Review: Midwinter Magic by Erica Ridley

Rating: 3/5 
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Holiday

After an eye-opening congressional hearing, former corporate shark Jack Morgan redirects his ill-gotten gains toward charity work. However, his attempts to bring holiday cheer to a Bolivian village meet with one disaster after another: canceled flights, crumbling luggage, implacable customs officials. His plans disintegrate further when he runs into a sexy tourist with . . . wings?

As Jack's guardian angel, Sarah Phimm has her work cut out for her. When his latest volunteer mission risks his life, she's forced to reveal herself to him—but only in part. She can't risk him knowing the truth. He's everything her immortal heart desires, but can never have. She soon discovers that keeping him safe amidst death bridges and tumbling telephone poles is far easier than guarding her heart.
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Midwinter Magic is a fitting read for this time of year. It centers around one man's quest to right his wrongs by bringing Christmas cheer to the remote villages of Bolivia. The appearance of his guardian angel throws a wrench into those plans, though.

Sarah Phimm (I'm still not sure if this tacky or clever) has been a guardian angel for a thousand years, but there's something special about Jack. Whenever she's forced to reveal herself to him, things change forever for both Jack and Sarah.

This was a quick and easy read. It's missing the usual Christmas staples such as snow, family, and holiday cheer. But Ridley is able to make the themes of the season blend well into this novel set in South America. It's a heartwarming story. If you need to get in the holiday spirit and need a push towards helping others, this would be a good evening read for you.

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**I was gifted this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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