Review: Maybe Baby by Ashlinn Craven

Maybe Baby
by Ashlinn Craven

Genre: Chick Lit

Uber-organized Polly Malone leaves nothing to chance. Running her web design company on a shoestring, she's determined to make it a success. Her career plan doesn't include a man or a family. When she's approached by a stranger with an unusual request, she hasn't the heart—or the bank balance—to refuse. 

Sexy, wealthy, top London games entrepreneur Julian Ripley is battling for control of the company he built and picking up the pieces of his post-divorce life. But his sister makes a plea he can't refuse. 

When Polly and Julian meet in a dusty post office, feelings spark to life, but each harbors a secret—one that both binds and repels. 

Caught between family and commitments, can their love survive or is it inconceivable?
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First Sentence:
Polly scrunched her toes in agitation as she looked around the stifling fertility clinic waiting room.

Last Sentence:
"Almost inconceivable."

  Polly Malone is good at taking precautions. But whenever she winds up in a fertility clinic to freeze her eggs, a stranger makes a request of her that sends her world into a tailspin. As Polly gears up to donate her eggs to a lesbian couple, she begins to realize exactly how much she'd have to sacrifice. 

  This book was adorable. I loved reading the thoughts of Polly and Julian as the book progressed. Ashlinn Craven did a masterful job at pacing the story. From the very beginning, you're thrust into the life of Polly effortlessly. As you learn more about her, you will grow to love her as I did. Whenever I had the opportunity to follow along from Julian's point of view, it added a whole different layer to the story. I'm so happy that Ashlinn wrote Maybe Baby this way.

  The subject matter in this book was some heavy stuff, and I think that Ashlinn Craven handled it well. She had clearly researched her topic. I was never left feeling like part of the story was missing because a lack of details. Everything you need to know to follow along Polly's journey was provided flawlessly.

  I loved how Ashlinn wrote the characters in this story. She took the time to really develop them, and the readers are rewarded with such well rounded characters to discover. Their motives were explained in a logical way. Too often, a plot is ignored for the sake of wrapping up the small details. But no such thing happened with Maybe Baby.

  I highly recommend this book to any fan of chick lit. If you're a fan of Bridget Jones' Diary, you'll love this one. It's a fun read with the perfect happily ever after.

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**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to Ashlinn Craven.


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