Review: Dissever by Tracey Ward

by Tracey Ward

Genres: Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal Romance

I have ever and always been perfectly and soundly in love with Ro.

Annabel Lee is growing up in the court of a hidden kingdom, one shrouded from the wars that ravish the outside world. Her father is cruel, her mother is kind and her heart now and always belongs to her greatest friend, Roarke. But he's an Outsider, an unwanted on the island, his people's existence the product of a horrible night over a hundred years ago. A night when an age old treaty was broken. When the sky rained fire and the sea raged deadly.

When tragedy strikes and a horrible accident leaves her friend broken and scarred, Anna begins to wonder if the "safety" of this hidden island is worth the price they pay. A price she herself is now expected to pay in full. 

Can she save herself and an island that doesn't want saving? To even try, she'll have to fight fate, defy the gods and seek the help of an outsider. Of the love she cannot have. The one she will not live without.

*A Young Adult - New Adult supernatural romance based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem "Annabel Lee"
- Dissever on Goodreads

First Sentence:
When I met Roarke, I was deep in hiding.

Last Sentence:
But she's gone.

  Before I even begin this review, you have to know how much I adore Edgar Allan Poe. I've visited his grave in Baltimore numerous times (where I saw the last appearance of the Poe Toaster!), I have duplicate copies of his work littering most of the surfaces in my home, and I'm even planning on using some of his lines in my wedding vows. Yes. This obsession goes deep. (And it doesn't hurt that the hubby to be shares Poe's middle name. Score!) So whenever my favorite Indie author announced she was writing a book inspired by Annabel Lee, I was a bit afraid. I knew I would have high standards for it. Tracey did not disappoint. No. She went above and beyond.
  This story... This story is so good. I felt like I got to know Anna so well throughout the course of this book, and I was left sobbing when it ended. There isn't just a plot; it's a lifelong journey that you get to witness. And it's beautiful. 

  The flow of the story never felt hindered by the details I learned along the way. Tracey developed such a fully thought out world, and it was incredible. As I read along, I discovered more and more about this world. I was fascinated by the story of the Tem Aedha and how they wound up on the island. There's an entire world to discover, but I never felt like Tracey was subjecting me to an information dump. She perfectly mastered giving details when needed and keeping the story fresh.

  Anna and Ro made me swoon. Their story was not the usual cookie cutter romance. It was tragic from the first day they met, and I adored it. Whenever I reached the tattoo scene, I had to stop and weep. It was so beautiful. Tracey did a wonderful job at writing a romance that stands out against so many others in this genre.

  I cannot praise Dissever and Tracey Ward enough. This woman is a force to be reckoned with. If I could, I'd recommend this book to every person ever. Yes. It's that good. Don't believe me? Pick up a copy and see for yourself!

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  1. I haven't heard of this book before, but it looks absolutely amazing!!
    Definitely adding it to my TBR.

    1. It is! It's one of my favorites that I've read as of late. I hope you enjoy reading it!


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