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The Shadow by A.G. Porter
(The Darkness Trilogy #1)

Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

Rayna Stone is an eighteen year old girl from a
small Alabama town that just wants to save a
little money for college. In order to do that she has to find a summer job.

The problem with that, the only place that is willing to take her is the upscale golf resort of The Landing. This was not her idea of a summer job, being around snobby, rich folks, but when she meets eyes with the owner’s son, Liam, she starts to see the brighter side of things. That is until she’s seeing things that she can’t quite explain and having dreams that are haunted by a being she calls The Shadow.

The Shadow begins to show her things about a few missing girls, that she wished she had never seen.

Another chilling fact, her dreams seem to be coming true. As if that isn’t enough, she learns that this ability of hers gives her an insight into what others around her are feeling. Soon after this, Rayna learns that Liam does feel something for her, but even though she wants to tell him she feels the same, something is warning her to stay away.

Not because he is dangerous, but because she is.
A.G. Porter has woven a tale of suspense, romance, and the paranormal like no other. Although I was reading a story about a teenaged girl discovering herself, at no time did I feel as if the characters were weakened by their age or inexperience.

Told from Rayna Stone's perspective, The Shadow started out with the basics to build up the world she lived in. But once we are introduced to Rayna, the story took off. I found myself unable to put this book down. The more I read, the more I needed to know about what was happening, what was going to happen, and how the characters were going to react. I love a good series, and The Shadow is the perfect beginning to a series I will be reading.

There were no weak points within this story. Porter used imagery and dialogue to set up an atmosphere that kept me on the edge of my seat and flipping the pages. Rayna is great character who not only grew as a person throughout the story, but in her supernatural abilities as well.

What I loved the most about this book was how Porter used the paranormal in a realistic way. Instead of being a quick fix to certain problems, Rayna's dreams are used as a plot point to further the story and the reader's interest. They are graphic, but not so much that I wouldn't recommend this book to readers above the age of fifteen.

The Shadow was a great read. Porter has proven herself to be a fantastic writer - one I will be seeking out in the future to read.

1. Rayna: Shay Mitchell
2. Liam: Liam Hemsworth
3. Jayce: a young Wenworth Miller
4. C.J.: Amber Heard
5: Logan: William Moseley
6. Nick: Xavier Samuel
7. Jasmine: Naya Rivera

“Lexi!” my friend Cori came running up to me in the hall. “You have to come with me…something’s going on…in the cafeteria…my brother…come with me!”
I didn’t have time to ask any questions because Cori was already dragging me behind her. Briley, my locker buddy, hurried after us; I could hear his heavy footsteps right on our heels.
My heart was beating wildly in my chest, wondering what in the world could be happening that had upset Cori so much. When I entered the cafeteria I saw Robin, Cori’s brother, fighting with several students. Right away, I realized that something was off about them.
Their flesh was bloody and looked grayish in color. On top of that, they were trying to bite Robin. In another corner of the lunchroom I saw a group of students surrounding a 9th grader; within seconds they had her on the ground.
“Briley! Help her!” I ordered.
As I was about to run to Robin’s aid I heard a terrible growling sound behind me. A group of students, covered in blood and gore, were running down the hall toward us. Knowing we had only seconds before being overrun, I slammed the lunchroom doors shut and locked the doors.
I heard snarls and growls, followed by fists beating on the doors. Without hesitating, I busted open the fire extinguisher glass, pulled out the device and ran to Robin’s side. There were three students trying to sink their teeth into his flesh. I came up behind one of them and hit them over the head with the extinguisher. Robin wrestled another one to the ground and stomped on their head until they stopped moving and Cori hit another one in the back with a chair, using the leg to bash in their head.
Without a moment to catch our breath, we ran to help Briley and the 9th grader. He had grabbed a thick metal lid from the kitchen and used it as a weapon and shield. We helped them take care of the two students they had left.
“What is going on?” Robin asked, taking in deep breaths.
“I don’t know, but we need to get out of here,” I answered.
“How do we do that?” Cori wondered. “Those doors are the only way out of here.”
“The roof,” I replied, snapping my fingers. “There is an exit in the broom closet. It leads to the roof. My brother told me about it. He and his friends would sneak out there to smoke. There is a latter on the side that leads to the parking lot. We climb down, get to Robin’s truck and get out of here.”
“Let’s go,” the 9th grader agreed.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“Nancy,” she said.
“We need to move,” Briley gestured toward the door. “It sounds like there are more piling up out there. I don’t think those doors will hold forever.”
“OK, grab whatever weapon you can from the kitchen,” I suggested. “I have a feeling we’re going to need them.”

A.G. Porter is the author of The Darkness Trilogy, a YA Paranormal Thriller. She is an Independent Author (Indie Author) who enjoys writing scary stories as much as she loves reading them. Currently, A.G. is working on the last book in the trilogy. When she isn’t writing, she’s either taking pictures, reading, making nerdy jewelry, watching movies or spending much needed time with her family. A.G. lives in New Hope, Alabama with her husband, Billy, stepson, Brenton, and their 4 dogs.

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