Lazy Weekend Reviews #6

In an effort to catch up on reviews and indulge in a lazy weekend, I've rounded up a few of my recent reads for quick reviews below. Included are Control by James D. Horton, Heart Tales by Celine Garcia, and Perfect World by Shari Sakurai.

Control by James D. Horton
(Predator & Prey #3)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Two weeks have passed since Lily became a vampire
and things couldn't be worse. She is starving, out of
control, and Wolf has vanished. Her maker, Athene, is patient, but fails to help Lily tame the beast within. After Lily's introduction to Society goes horribly wrong, she is sent to train with Griogar, a narcissistic vampire with questionable tactics.

A powerful member of Society, John Genosoa, has secretly arranged for Wolf's mate to return. The distraction works. Wolf and Luna's reunion is passionate, yet laced with memories of insurmountable loss. Even so, neither is able to refuse the animalistic magnetism drawing them together.

When Lily reaches a new low during a session with Griogar, Wolf reappears. She's furious, but vulnerable to his charm and follows him beneath the City. Lily finds out Wolf has spent ages chasing a legendary tale of transcendence and discovers who has been keeping him away.

Lily is forced to put aside her heartache when Genosoa's plan threatens the City's inhabitants. Genosoa's magic is strong, but not strong enough to keep the existence of vampires a secret from humans. He needs souls to sacrifice.

Wolf, Lily and Luna are dispatched by the Keeper and must act fast to stop the killing of innocents. Screams of agony and a scene of destruction greet them, but they are confronted with a much more sinister obstacle and it's too late to turn back. What begins as a battle turns into an all-out war for their very survival.
  What a roller coaster! This series just keeps getting better and better. Control introduced a lot of new elements to the series, and I was blown away. But I'm totally ready for another story in this series! I won't rest until Lily and Wolf get their happily ever after (or at least a happy for now)!

  Lily has went through so many changes since this series started, and it's so fun to watch her story develop. James D. Horton devotes so much to these characters and story, and it really shines through. Paranormal romance fans will flock to this series!

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.

Heart Tales by Celine Garcia

Genre: Romance

Three charming tales of that never ending roller
coaster called life, each one sure to pack a sweet
punch of candy for the heart. One story involves a girl and a mystery box with handwritten song lyrics. The second follows a guy on the road with memories of the girl that got away, and finally a teen girl who can actually speak to the source of her angst…her heart.
  I absolutely adored these books! They were filled with realistic characters and situations that I really enjoyed. Heart Tales is filled with fun and light reads that romance fans will fall in love with. Each story has unique elements that really make them stand out.

  My favorite story was Audio Frequency. It involved a music store and really took me back a few years! If I could only pick one word to describe Heart Tales, it would be heart-warming. I suspect that readers will drawn to these stores!

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.

Perfect World by Shari Sakurai

Genres: SciFi, LGBT

London, 2115

It is the year 2115 and the world is very different. With climate changes, natural disasters and war shaping the landscape, England has become a nation made up of several super cities and wasteland in between.

Eric Rawlins is a genetically engineered superhero created by the London Security Agency (L.S.A) to defend and protect the city against both national and international threats. With his superior abilities, celebrity status and beautiful girlfriend, Eric appears to have the perfect life. However, it is an illusion created by the L.S.A in order to control him.

Eric's nemesis is the charismatic Adam Larimore. The only son of billionaire business tycoon Victor Larimore, Adam is gifted with a genius level IQ as well as the same longevity as Eric.

When the actions of the L.S.A throw the two of them together Eric finds himself questioning everything that he has ever known as well as discovering the true course of events that led to Adam turning to a life of crime. As they become closer Eric realises that the L.S.A may be the real threat to London. But can he trust Adam or is he part of Adam’s plan for revenge against those who have wronged him?
   Perfect World caught me completely off guard. I expected an LGBT romance set in a SciFi world. But what I go was a really deep book that focused on many different elements. While Adam and Eric's romance isn't the highlight of the book, it is still sweet and I enjoyed it. I actually like that the author paid more attention to the whole story instead of focusing on the romance.

  The pacing was great. There were never moments of lag, and I enjoyed this book all the way until the end. The ending, though. It's a bit of a cliffhanger. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Adam and Eric's story isn't over yet!

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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