Review: High Octane: Unleashed by Ashlinn Craven

High Octane: Unleashed by Ashlinn Craven
(High Octane #3)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Viv McCloud is back on the Formula One tour with a
new career, a new philosophy, and a new haircut. As
the former highly visible girlfriend of two rival drivers, she’s now a TV journalist determined to kick some ass in this male-dominated world. Her first assignment is to draw out the secrets behind reclusive Belgian driver Adam Fontaine.

Engineer-turned-driver Adam has always been partial to order and control in his life. The fans call him Mr. Spock and he understands engines much better than he does women. A troubled past has left him untrusting and suspicious, and he’s in no mood to hand over his life story to Viv or anyone—especially not on live TV.

Viv’s job is on the line even as she falls in love with her subject. Can she scratch beyond the Vulcan-like exterior to reveal the red-blooded man underneath? And if she does, will his secrets ruin their chances of finding a happily ever after?
  I absolutely adore Ashlinn Craven's writing. Every book that she writes is amazing. Since the first book in this series was written with a co-author and this one by Ashlinn alone, I wondered if it would affect the story. And I'm happy to say that it doesn't! The flow and pace from the previous two books carries over perfectly into High Octane: Unleashed. It made for a thrilling conclusion to this series!

  Liv and Adam are a wonderful set of characters! They stand out from the other couples in this series for me. Liv was a refreshing heroine that I found myself growing close to! And Adam... one word: SWOON! Their relationship is filled with twists and turns that are brilliant and absorbing!

  High Octane: Unleashed is perfect for fans of fast cars, amazing heroines, and handsome men! I absolutely fell in love with Liv and Adam's story, and I think you will too!

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.

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