#IndieFallFest: Friday Favorites #3

All of the authors who are a part of Indie Fall Fest were asked to answer this question!
Here are their answers.

Top Three Indie Books or Series

Still Photo by Kim Harnes
Knockdown by Brenda Beem
The Vulcan Legacies series by Sasha Hibbs
-Amy Bartelloni

Reap by Casey Bond
Fractured Dream by KM Randall
-Ruth Silver

1) The Sary series by Meradeth Houston
2) The Princesses of Valendria series by Mary Waibel
3) Stars and Souls trilogy by Melissa Petreshock
-Erin Albert Rhew

The Witchfinder Wars
Gilded Cages
(Ok..so I know I wrote half of these two, but I have to be honest. The half I didn't write but the infamous K.G. McAbee did? I still squeal every time I come across one of her witty lines or excited to know what happens next. I can read these over and over.)
The Shadow. I know...I am reviewing this one, but it is pure magic.
-Cynthia Witherspoon

The Fine Line by Alicia Kobishop
Pretty in Black by Rae Hachton
Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
-Shane Morgan

I mostly read UN-published works because I'm a top ten reviewer on thenextbigwriter.com, where newbie, as well as published authors post their work for critique. On that site, I'd go with Gray Martin, and C. E. Jones, who will both soon be published.
Published Indie author, Caryl McAdoo is fantastic as well, if you read Christian Fiction.
-Ann Everett

"DOUBLE LIFE" Razia series - S. Usher Evans!
-Heather Letto

With Me In Seattle series
Uncovered by Emily Snow
Incinerate by Tessa Teevan
-Stacey Mosteller

Hard to say because I don't know which ones are indie. I've read some amazing authors from my publishing co, though. D. Nichole King, DelSheree Gladden & Kelly Anne Blount to name a few. Oh, and I just read a great series called "Godcorp" by Jessica Smith.
-Amy Bartelloni

1. Arcadium Series by Sarah Gray
2. DragonStar by Kyra Dune
3. Nexus by Brian Weimer
-A.G. Porter

The Fallen Series by Abbi Glines
The Gentry Boys Series by Cora Brent
Forbidden Men Series by Linda Kage
-Sarah Darlington

My current two favorite indie stand-alone books are Thorn by Intisar Khanani and Kind of Like Life by Christina McMullen. Laury Falter's Guardian Trilogy is also a fun read.
-Chess Desalls

Enigma Black Trilogy by Sara Furlong Burr
Chaos Dragon Series Susan D Kalior
Flat Out Love Series by Jessica Park
-Sarah Buhl

Undead World Series - Peter Meredith
Wool Series - Hugh Howey
Look Back In Anger - SN Graves
-James D. Horton

Losing It
The Sullivans
(all originally indie anyway!)
-Joy Penny

Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan
Deliver by Pam Godwin
Knockout by Tracey Ward
I love how these author's stories are daring and out of the ordinary.
-Karen Gordon

The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher
Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
The Songs of Submission series by CD Reiss
-Whitney Barbetti

1. Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship by Brittainy C. Cherry (I think this is my favorite book of all time!)
2. Hers by Dawn Robertson
3. Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry
(BTW making me pick three was mean lol)
-Kristen Hope Mazzola

Bully, Rule, Vincent Boys
-J. Nathan

Out of Line series by Jen McLaughlin
Trapped series by Beverly Kendall
Kelly Brothers by Crista McHugh
-Crystal Perkins

LGBTQ Series:
1). The Garoul Series by Gill McKnight
2). Midnight Hunters series by L.L. Raand
3). Elite Operatives series by Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou
-Amy Dunne

Evangeline, books by Thea Atkinson, short stories by Blake Crouch
-Zane Sachs

Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan
Surviving Raine by Shay Savage
Going Under by S. Walden
-Heather Topham Wood

Open Minds
Dolphin Girl
The Teacher
-Kai Strand

I really enjoyed FURY by Charlotte McConaghy, and Veronica Bane's MARA and MIYUKI from her series THE UNUSUALS are action packed and just so fun). Finally, Maureen O'Leary Wanket's HOW TO BE MANLY--I'm a little biased, of course, but it is honestly one of the best YA coming of age stories I have ever read.
-Anna Carolyn McCormally

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