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Today's Indie Fall Fest author is someone that I absolutely adore! We're so excited to have you, Erin Albert Rhew! Don't forget to stop by the kick-off post and enter the huge giveaway!

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1. Describe The Outlanders in one word.

2. Do you have any strange writing rituals or habits?
My life has changed quite a bit over the last 6 months or so. I got engaged, moved across the country, changed jobs at Book Fish, and moved again just recently (to a charming Victorian in the next town over). My writing habits/rituals used to be very set. I used to write for about an hour every day starting at 3:00. At 3:30, I would grab a Diet Pepsi with Lime and a small container of chocolates.

Now, my writing is pretty sporadic. My fiancĂ©, Deek, and I try to write for an hour in the evenings. We usually have popcorn, and I still have my Diet Pepsi with Lime (can someone say addict?). So, my writing “habit” of late, most importantly, includes sitting beside Deek. ;)

3. Would you survive if you were in Layla’s shoes?
Me personally? Probably not. LOL! I usually say if you dropped me in some fantastical world from most books (Shadowhunter, Divergent, Hunger Games), I’d most likely get killed. The same is true for me in this world. I admire Layla’s strength—both physically and emotionally.

4. I’m seriously blown away by the plot and development in this series. Do you write with a detailed outline or just fly by the seat of your pant?
Ok, Deek can attest to this, I squealed and clapped when I read this question! I am usually a pantser when it comes to writing. But for The Fulfillment Series, I wrote a loose outline, mostly because I wanted to see if it needed two or three books. I didn’t want to write a “filler” second book. I really don’t like when second books are basically a ho-hum bridge from book one to book three. I told my Dream Team that if I didn’t have enough material to write a solid second book for a trilogy, then I would only write two books.

5. You’re stuck on a deserted island for a week with one of your characters from The Fulfillment Series, one object, and one book. Who and what are you taking?
I’d take Nash. I’d need his strength and knowledge to survive. Knowing me, I’d eat some deadly plant like Foxface in Hunger Games, and it’d be game over. Nash’s time spent traipsing through the woods between Vanguard and Etherea (and eventually from Etherea to the Outlands) means he’s survival savvy.

For my one object, I’d opt for a satellite phone so I could call Deek to come rescue me. LOL! I am what Jack from Titanic would call an “indoor girl.” While I do enjoy the warm sunshine and sandy beaches, I’m not one for sleeping outside. I need my air-conditioning!

As for the book, I’d bring one of the complete works of Shakespeare. I am a huge Shakespeare nerd, so I never tire of reading his plays (particularly the tragedies).

6. Can you give us a hint about the third book in the series, The Fulfillment?
I can promise you that all the questions raised in both The Prophecy and The Outlanders will be revealed in The Fulfillment. ;)

Thank you, Kristen, for hosting me during the Indie Fall Fest! ((HUGS)) Hello to all of Kristen’s followers!!

A personal source of creative inspiration for
me comes from my love and light, 
Deek Rhew! We talk about
everything, and he always challenges my mind.
Today I’m writing about my inspiration for The Fulfillment Series (Book 1: The Prophecy, Book 2: The Outlanders, Book 3: The Fulfillment), its world, and the characters. Before I delve into that topic, I’d like to say that I believe inspiration can be found anywhere. All aspects of life—the good, the bad, and the ugly—can be a springboard for creativity. I challenge you all to look at the world, the people, and the art around you. Let your mind wander. Let your imagination soar.

I can’t exactly trace the origins of The Fulfillment Series to any one thing or person. The inspiration for it came more from a collection of ideas. One night, as I watched a movie based on Arthurian legend, the words Ethereal and Vanguard popped into my mind, and I just knew they were two warring nations. Over the next few days, character names joined the two kingdoms: Layla, Wil, Nash, Samson. A story took root. At the time, I’d been reading the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin. I liked the idea of combining olden times (castles, kings, queens, etc.) with fantastical elements, so I think reading that series definitely influenced my story. When I sent out my query letters, I labeled The Prophecy “Game of Thrones meets Arthurian legend.”

The Dream Team
(left to right: Danielle Craver, Dawn Ward,
Ginny Hunsberger, and Kim Sharp)
After the idea sprung to life, I wrote a brief three-paragraph synopsis and sent it to my friends. These four ladies eventually became my Dream Team and a source of great inspiration and accountability for me. I asked them if the little blurb I wrote would be a story they’d be interested in reading. All four gave an enthusiastic “yes,” so I started writing. Whenever I found myself stuck in the story or on a logical hang-up, I’d call one (or sometimes all four) of my Dream Team Members to ask for help.

Sometimes when I am creatively stumped, I seek inspiration from artistic sources that spark my imagination—book, arts, television, movies, etc. I love that moment when I’m watching or reading a really great story, and I feel my own creative juices start flowing. Ideas form—sometimes in a trickle, sometimes in a torrent—and before I know it, I’m back on track.

I encourage you to go out and experience the world: fall in love, get your heart broken, make mistakes, take risks, go on adventures, talk to fascinating people, sit in silence and ponder, pursue a seemingly impossible dream. Let all those moments, all the people you meet, all the beauty you encounter serve as muses for your own art.

Thank you again for hosting me, Kristen! I hope everyone will give The Prophecy and The Outlanders a read!

Erin Rhew is an editor, fitness trainer, and author of The Fulfillment series. Since she picked up Morris the Moose Goes to School at age four, she has been infatuated with the written word. She went on to work as a grammar and writing tutor in college and is still teased by her family and friends for being a member of the "Grammar Police." In her free time, Erin enjoys acting, running, kickboxing, and, of course, reading and writing. Her favorite place to be is at home with her family and easygoing tabby cat.

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