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  So, yesterday we had our first snow of the season! (It was glorious.) On Thursday, I'll be recruiting Chris to help me drag out one of our Christmas trees to put up. My Pinterest is filled with Christmas baking and decorating ideas. The holiday spirit has arrived in my house, and I am welcoming it with open arms. Which is why I've went crazy and signed up for several winter/holiday blogger swaps! If you're in the holiday spirit like me already, you should totally sign up for these swaps! They'll be SO much fun. And we may even be matched up as partners!

This swap is hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swaps. I absolutely LOVE their swaps, and I've been patiently waiting for this one to come around!

Your Swap Objective
Fill a package with 12 wrapped presents (one present may consist of more than 1 item, if desired) for your partner that you, yourself, would love to receive. Total package cost must be $40-$50, before shipping, to ensure relative value.
Then you get to open a gift every single day, from December 13th through the 24th!

I have a serious scarf addiction, so whenever I saw this swap hosted by The Texan Pantry, I had to join!

The Deets:
Sign up by Friday, November 7. You will receive your person’s info Monday, November 10.

Spend $15 on said scarf. – this can be purchased or handmade but you have to spend atleast $15

Mail scarf by november 30 to the person you get.

Receive your cute scarf.

Link up to scarf party with what you got.

Secret Santa Book Exchange
I love this swap from Becoming Books for obvious reason! Books are love!

Sign-Up: Nov. 1 – 21
Mail by: Dec. 12
Post Reveal: Dec. 15 – 19
Requirements: Mail a *new* book with retail value of $15 or more to your secret santa with a tracking number. Feel free to include book swag or other goodies!

I've already posted about this one! Sign-ups are open until the 7th of November. Visit Lipstick and Tractors for more info!


  1. These seem like soo much fun! I can't wait to move to Canada and it won't be so expensive to ship!

  2. I did one book Swap and loved it. I may have to hop on board with a second one!! Thanks for the info.

  3. I signed up for those exact same swaps! (well, I'm co-hosting one, but it counts, right?)
    I'm so jealous of your snow! We're lucky if we get an inch sometime in January, but if I had my way I'd have snow every week from 11/1 to 2/1. :D


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