#IndieFallFest: Sunday Brunch #4

All of the authors who are a part of Indie Fall Fest were asked to answer this question!
Here are their answers.

Which literary world would you want to live in?

Harry Potter's magical world
-Bridie Hall

Leopard King Saga
-T.A. Uner

-Ruth Silver

I'm pretty sure I'd get killed in any of the popular YA literary worlds right now, but I'll take my chances with Percy Jackson. ;)
-Erin Albert Rhew

I don't have a particular world I would prefer to live in because as long as I'm reading a book, I'm living in their world. But if I have to choose, I would want a world with a mixture of history and magic. =) I know, I know..not very specific.
-Cynthia Witherspoon

The Paris found in the pages of A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
-Tasha Cotter

None. They real world is hard enough.
-Shane Morgan

Any set in this time...current time.
-Ann Everett

Divergent looks pretty fun (before it all goes south, that is.) I'd definitely hang with Dauntless (and yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd be divergent, so...)
-Heather Letto

Hmm...The Rosemary Beach world or the Chicagoland Vampires world
-Stacey Mosteller

If it weren't for that whole no indoor plumbing thing, I'd have to say the historical worlds filled with hot knights and vast castles.
-T.C. McKee

Oh gosh - all of them! Probably Harry Potter though. I love the idea of magic :-) I like the Shadowhunters in the Mortal Instruments series, too, or maybe just Jace ;-)
-Amy Bartelloni

Gah! There are so many to choose from! Still, I would want to live in the world of Harry Potter. You mean all I have to do is wave my wand and my house will clean itself? Sold!
-A.G. Porter

Harry Potter's World!
-Sarah Darlington

I'd like to live in Roger Zelazny's Amber, assuming I was a Royal of Amber with strong alliances.
-Chess Desalls

In Middle Earth--but only in Lothlórien. I want to live there so freaking bad.
-Sarah Buhl

Alice in Wonderland. I'd never get bored with so many different characters to visit with. Of course, I'd have to be careful of the Queen of Hearts and not lose my head!
-Mary Waibel

Middle Earth
-James D. Horton

-Joy Penny

I love a good historical romance,especially set in the Regency period in England, so I would have to go with that world. It was opulent and the last period of stringent social rules in Europe. Those social constraints create some great sexual tension--look but don't touch. There was a lot of mental lust and also a very sexy courtesan society to offset arranged marriages for the wealthy.
-Karen Gordon

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
-Whitney Barbetti

Ummm, I'll let you know when I write it ;)
-Kristen Hope Mazzola

Rosemary Beach. Lots of drama and cute guys!
-J. Nathan

With Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street. Victorian England, yum!
-K.G. McAbee

Divergent. Before the shit hits the fan. I'm Dauntless through and through, and live for a sense of adventure that is only rivaled by free-climbing skyscrapers.
-K.B. Nelson

Hmmm . . . this is a tough one. Is it wrong to say my own? Because I love Eila's world in the UNDERTOW series, from the sea captain homes to the private island known as Polaris to Kian's yacht, CERBERUS.
-K.R. Conway

Monica Murphy's Billionaire Bachelor's Club
-Crystal Perkins

I still desperately want to go to Hogwarts. My letter is just 15 years late ok?
-Tiana Warner

I'd like to live in the magical world of the Harry Potter series. Some people may think that's silly at my age, but I don't care. I want to have studied at Hogwarts, I want to know what house I'd be in, I want to have captained a Quidditch Team, I want to have studied all of the lessons--even the ones Harry and Ron found boring. I want to never have to have to clean by hand ever again. And finally, I want to ride a broom.
-Amy Dunne

Paris in the 1920s.
-Zane Sachs

Narnia for sure!
-Kira Adams

Philip Pullman's world in His Dark Materials Omnibus

Hogwarts! Preferably post-Voldemort! :)
-Katherine Over

The Beat Generation has always intrigued me!
-Claudia Brevis

-Kai Strand

Oh wow. How could I not choose the Potterverse? I think I've been much more committed to my homework if I'd gone to Hogwarts.
-Anna Carolyn McCormally

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